Mince MX Juice

RM 120 Includes GST

MINCE MIX JUICE is your ideal diet partner. A natural fat burner, MINCE MIX JUICE help to burning unwanted body fat.



Consists of the natural ingredients

with the THERMO FAT BURNER NATURAL formula, Mince Mix Juice makes the process of fat burning safe
without any side effects. Mince Mix Juice made up of all natural ingredients such as Manggo Fruit Juice, Garcinia, Guarana, Oligo Fructose, Manggo Flavor, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, L-White Kidney Bean, Raspberry Ketones, Olive Extract, Halia Bara and Stevia that will help you burn more calories, feel energetic all day, increase body antibodies, improves blood circulation and as andvance body detox.


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