Pati Herbamadu'

RM 69

Pati Herbamadu’

RM 69

JUS PATI HERBAMADU are formulated with the combination of malay traditional medicine and Ayuverda medicine concept. Made up of 100% natural ingredients and have been clinically testified dan proven safe to be used by the KKM.


All ingredients in PATI HERBAMADU are very good to support a healthy heart, reduce inflammation inside the wall vessels and protect the cells from free radical damage.

JUS PATI HERBAMADU are very recommended to those who have heart problem, high cholesterol, stroke, gout, sinusitis, migraine, nerve and joints problems.

Drink 10-20ml(1 tablespoon) twice a day, before breakfast and before sleep. If you take any medication, make sure to make a gap about 2 hours before drink JUS PATI HERBAMADU.


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